Hero Needed

Every animal is unique, with their own story, personality, and needs.  Special animals need special people and that’s what makes you a “Hero” in our eyes and theirs.

What Types of Animals Need Hero Adopters?

Animals in this category have special medical needs, special behavioral needs, or both.  Like all animals, each one is unique and Dakin is working to match animals with special needs to the homes and families that are a great fit for everyone.  Some animals in this category may require extra time, patience, medical care, or behavior modification, but some may not. Each animal’s story is unique.

Hero Needed Animals and Their Needs

Behavioral needs - Animals with behavioral needs can include (but are not limited to):

  •  A quiet home
  • A home that has no children or other pets
  • An exercise routine of an Olympic athlete for high energy dogs
  • Specific litter box care/maintenance
  • Animals who have specific rules about how they are petted, interact with other people or pets
  • Extremely shy animals who simply take longer to get used to new people and things

Medical needs - Animals with medical needs can include (but are not limited to):

  • Significant medical issues that are, or may be ongoing.
  • Animals who will need continued treatment after adoption, and others who do not need treatment now, but will in the future.  
  • Animals who may have a medical problem that has no treatment/cure.
  • Medical issues that may or may not affect the animal’s life span and Dakin’s Animal Resource Counselors and veterinary teams are able to discuss those details with you for each unique animal.  
  • Animals whose medical needs will have above-average medical bills going forward, including prescription food, veterinary visits, and medications.  We do our best to offer our best guess at future costs based on the animal’s medical needs, but it is only an estimate.  

Detailed information on each animal in this category can be found on their individual profile on our adoptable animals page.

How do I know if an animal needs a Hero Adopter?

Our Animal Resource Counselors are happy to assist you with more detailed information on each animal in our care.  If an animal needs a Hero Adopter, they will have a special badge on their photo and kennel card.